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A resource for parents, caregivers, educators and medical professionals, Kid Cope Specialists provides developmentally-appropriate preparation and education, as well as advocacy, and other supportive services to help guide children and families through life’s challenging and sometimes frightening moments.


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Private Sessions

Tailored to fit the needs of your child, individual sessions provide support for challenging moments, from preparing for new life changes to helping your child conquer a significant fear. 

Parent Training

Learn practical and useful ways to support and advocate for your child during challenging moments through one-on-one phone, video, or in-person sessions.


Sessions designed for parents and children provide education and preparation for dealing with medical experiences, opportunities to practice role play, and improve coping abilities.

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"My baby girl was so much more comfortable both during and after the shots and it was a direct result of Randi’s support and encouragement. -Jessica, Hoboken, NJ

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